We take pride in having helped hundreds of people achieve better living.
Below are some testimonials from our patients.

“When i first started these sessions I was angry. I didn’t feel that I belonged here, but as time went by and I started to listen to others and open up more about my situation I came to the conclusion that I was right where I needed to be.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and for me, sometimes a drink is just a drink, but sometimes it’s not. Alcohol and my emotional well being do not mix well.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me Maria. I will never forget you. “
— J.F., Miami, FL
“I used to feel hostage of my circumstances, which was deeply affecting my finances and relationships.
After I started therapy, I was able to understand how my role and actions were also part of the issue.

Once I understood this, and by following the counsel of Maria, I was able to make small changes that had great impact and turned my life around for the better.

I feel extremely lucky to have found a therapist like Maria. She will not only just listen, but counsel and challenge you, sometimes even applying her background in philosophy. She is an absolutely extraordinary, one-of-a-kind professional.
What I learned in Therapy is a gift I will carry for life.”
— P.C., Miami Shores, FL

"I am so thankful to Maria!  Years have past after I finished therapy and I continue to send her messages of appreciation because I feel she needs to know how her sessions helped me to be who I am now; a happy woman, no more, no less.  - M.E., Miami Beach, FL